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For Buyers

  • Escrow Services

We exhibit honesty and integrity always. Trust is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers.

  • Communication

We will communicate the status of the closing step by step.

  • Preliminary Closing Statement

We provide you a preliminary closing statement (HUD-1) with your anticipated closing costs and will show net cash to the seller

  • Title Search & Examination

We make the Title Search and Examination as soon as possible.

We can help you in the process of buying a property, protecting your largest single investment and ensuring that you always feel comfortable and informed throughout the closing process.

When we receive a contract, we immediately open escrow, introduce ourselves to all parties, provide you a preliminary closing statement (HUD-1) and perform a title search & examination.

What Does a Title Agency Do?

A title agency’s job is to make sure the closing happens. To do this:

1- The agency will make sure all the paperwork is in order
2- conduct a title search
3- Order the reports and surveys needed to transfer property ownership.

Two of the biggest contributions of a Title Agency

1. Title search
2. Title insurance.

A title search is a public records examination of the property’s title. This research determines that the property is clear of liens and is eligible for sale. The very last thing you want to do is buy a house and then find out there are liens against it, or worse, a co-owner didn’t sign off on the sale! A title search will uncover issues like these, so they can be resolved before the closing.

Title insurance is required by most mortgage lenders. This insurance protects the lender (and a separate policy protects the buyer) from unforeseen defects in the title. These problems usually don’t show up in the title search, which is why this extra protection is needed. A title insurance policy means the title company will help you defend you from claims against the title. It’s a one-time fee, paid at closing and never again.

Other Services from the Title Agency

Closing Facilitation: The title agency can host and facilitate the closing on neutral ground. As an impartial service provider, the agency does not work “for” the buyer over the seller, or vice versa. A title agency does this by collecting all the documentation needed from both sides, making sure it’s all filled out properly and signed. Having a second set of eyes to look over everything is especially helpful in a by-owner transaction.

Paperwork Filing: The title agency files the closing paperwork with the appropriate government agencies and makes sure the buyer, seller and mortgage lenders all get copies of the closing documents.

Escrow: Title agencies can also act as escrow agents, hold earnest money and disburse funds.

Notary Services: Title agencies can also act as escrow agents, hold earnest money and disburse funds. They can also provide notary services for document completion.